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The Wet Darkroom's Journal

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25th November 2007

nymphie11:18pm: Experimental Photos Question
Is it possible to create photograms with sheet film like this and then make prints from the film? If so, what's the best way to figure out how long to leave the lights on and at what fstop? (I figured exposing it to white light via my enlarger would be easiest.) Last question: when developing the film, you use something like this, right? Would it be a complete and utter mess to developing them in my print developing bins with lots of agitation?

Thanks for the advice, I didn't even know what kind of key words to put into Google for this one :).

Also, I have a couple of packs of Polaroid Sx-70 film apparently with dead batteries :(. I'm trying to create photograms with those, taking one sheet of film out in my darkroom, placing objects on it best I can in total darkness, exposing it, then in more darkness, breaking the chemical pack and trying to smooth the developing chemicals out as evenly as possible. It's been difficult. Ive only tried one so far but it ended up looking like an abstract forest of pine trees (pretty cool to say the least, lots of potential for "painting".) Has anyone tried anything like this? If so, any advice?


P.S. Here are three SX-70 experimentsCollapse )

28th December 2006

traag1:36am: I was wondering: have any of you developed your own film, and turned in specific negatives to get developed at a printshop? was it worth it?

25th August 2006

ghandiavelli11:21pm: I have an old roll of B&W 120 I found in an Agfa box camera that I want to try developing in the lab at school.

Any suggestions on developer or times? It's probably at least 30 or 40 years old.

28th December 2005

ghandiavelli12:37pm: Ok, I've Google'd this unsuccessfully. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places, I don't know.

I'm fairly inexperienced at processing my own film. I only had Intro to B&W at school and we only used HC-110b for our film. I want to try developing my black and white film at home but I'm having trouble finding data for the developer and films that I have on hand.

I've got 3 pouches of Microdol-X and the films I want to try developing (in a rotary tube) are TMX, TMY, TMZ in 135 and 120 and Ilford FP4 4x5 sheet film.

Kodak's data sheet for T-Max films doesn't include processing times for tube development and doesn't include any times for TMZ using Microdol-X.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Other than getting a different developer)

23rd June 2005

xdeadxcellx5:55pm: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,159782,00.html KODAK TO STOP MAKING B&W PAPER


20th June 2005

underground_1312:48pm: biggest photographic news this decade
the horror.
the horror.

the dirty details

another reputable newssource prints it.

will this prompt a public outcry for fine art materials support?

a dying art.

x posted.

31st May 2005

siciliacamera4:37pm: Your first enlarger for home use
Hi, I am looking to buy my first enlarger for home use. I am watching stuff on ebay and hoping to hear of something around town. I was wondering if those of you that have your own equipment would share what you think is good stuff and what price range stuff is going for?

13th April 2005

a_soviet9:41pm: just a question....
after losing several negatives that i was positively in love with, i have decided i really need to reorganize. it's obvious that my current system of putting the newest negatives at the back of the binder isn't working. what are some better methods of storing/organizing/reorganizing/numbering negatives, proof sheets, and prints?

i could really use some help!


3rd April 2005

xdeadxcellx11:09pm: do any of you know that really really good darkroom manipulator?

he has a picture if a house on a tree. all of his prints are like that.

10th March 2005


hollywood ;19 feb 2005

9th March 2005

ex_seiyoku2:48pm: After a few years of being on livejournal, I started a community.

It is for cross-processing & people who are interested in it.
Information/examples, etc...

I know a lot of you do your own processing & experimentation. & are also very talented & creative.
I'd appreciate, as well as other members, any of you joining.

The more work the better.


5th January 2005

xdeadxcellx12:35am: im trying to print an 11x14 from a 35mm negative. with a 50mm lens i get a lot of light fall off, but with my 75mm lens i cant get up to an 11x14? i changed my condensors even. and still nothing.

2nd October 2004


tMax100, ilford pearl, sepia toned with stinky Kodak toner.

27th September 2004

mickyfaux8:05pm: photo_students

For those of us actually majoring in the art.

25th September 2004

americanmutt10:30am: I, Currently, have no formal training in the art of photography.

Q : Developers -

I use a different developer for the film as to the paper? (there are exceptions also ex. D-76)

Is it only developer that can not be used for both, I can use the same (not reuse) fixer and stop bath that I would use for the film?

Is it advisable to use the same brand of developer for the film & the paper?

Q: Filters -

Are filters only for the camera lens, is the same term used for the 'filters' that go on the enlarger?

Q: General -

If I get my film developed by someone other than myself, will my prints come out decent?

Can I make a B & W print from a color negative?

These questions are simple, I know but to me I am lost. And yes I am checking out books from the libraries in my area and reading material that I find online.

Thank you to all who respond.


p.s I apologize if these questions have been asked before.

14th September 2004

nymphie1:07pm: Developing Color Film
So I know you can do cool things with developing slides in color negative chemicals. What happens when you develop color negatives in slide chemicals?

I have also heard that printing color on your own can be tricky (complete darkness, very exact temperatures are needed, etc.) but what about developing your own color film? Is that tricky as well? I haven't been able to find much googling, what chemicals are needed for color film developing and what chemicals are needed for slide developing? Is it basically like black and white with a developer, a stopper, a fixer, and a cleaner? I have black and white chemicals if any of them work for both. Thanks!

15th June 2004

art4artsake11:21pm: Call for entries
Photography: Sept. 4-Oct. 23, The Business of Arts Center of Manitou Springs,CO presents the 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Juried Photography Exhibition. Slide deadline is July 10th. Cash awards. Juror, Mark Sink of Gallery Sink. Web site entry form: http://www.thebac.org or call Penny at (719) 685-1861 ext. 12 for more information.

18th April 2004

xdeadxcellx9:52pm: anybody here used neutol plus?

how is it to dektol?

6th April 2004

nymphie6:25pm: 50 pack of 11x 14 Ilford color paper
I didn't read the auction carefully and accidentally bought a 50 pack of 11x 14 Ilford color paper off of Ebay. I don't really want to try to resell it on Ebay because it seemed like color stuff wasn't doing really well but it hasn't been opened yet and has been in the cool AC house since it arrived. So anyway, I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Should I

A) Buy the needed chemicals since my enlarger head will do color- I've never done it, is it really hard or is it moderately easy to figure out if you're comfortable in a black and white darkroom? I know a little, like you do it in complete darkness and there's different chemicals...

B) Donate the paper to a local photo place. Could they even use it? Never done that before.

C) Do some sort of other experiments with it with different chemical concotions (sp?)- know of any websites or ideas that would work?

D) Sell it to one of you guys for about what I paid for it on Ebay- Don't remember specifically but I think it was $15 plus s/h. (I can take paypal if anyone wants it).
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