Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in wetdarkroom,
Girla Obscura

50 pack of 11x 14 Ilford color paper

I didn't read the auction carefully and accidentally bought a 50 pack of 11x 14 Ilford color paper off of Ebay. I don't really want to try to resell it on Ebay because it seemed like color stuff wasn't doing really well but it hasn't been opened yet and has been in the cool AC house since it arrived. So anyway, I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Should I

A) Buy the needed chemicals since my enlarger head will do color- I've never done it, is it really hard or is it moderately easy to figure out if you're comfortable in a black and white darkroom? I know a little, like you do it in complete darkness and there's different chemicals...

B) Donate the paper to a local photo place. Could they even use it? Never done that before.

C) Do some sort of other experiments with it with different chemical concotions (sp?)- know of any websites or ideas that would work?

D) Sell it to one of you guys for about what I paid for it on Ebay- Don't remember specifically but I think it was $15 plus s/h. (I can take paypal if anyone wants it).
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