Joseph L. Harris, Sr. (ghandiavelli) wrote in wetdarkroom,
Joseph L. Harris, Sr.

Ok, I've Google'd this unsuccessfully. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places, I don't know.

I'm fairly inexperienced at processing my own film. I only had Intro to B&W at school and we only used HC-110b for our film. I want to try developing my black and white film at home but I'm having trouble finding data for the developer and films that I have on hand.

I've got 3 pouches of Microdol-X and the films I want to try developing (in a rotary tube) are TMX, TMY, TMZ in 135 and 120 and Ilford FP4 4x5 sheet film.

Kodak's data sheet for T-Max films doesn't include processing times for tube development and doesn't include any times for TMZ using Microdol-X.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Other than getting a different developer)
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