Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in wetdarkroom,
Girla Obscura

Experimental Photos Question

Is it possible to create photograms with sheet film like this and then make prints from the film? If so, what's the best way to figure out how long to leave the lights on and at what fstop? (I figured exposing it to white light via my enlarger would be easiest.) Last question: when developing the film, you use something like this, right? Would it be a complete and utter mess to developing them in my print developing bins with lots of agitation?

Thanks for the advice, I didn't even know what kind of key words to put into Google for this one :).

Also, I have a couple of packs of Polaroid Sx-70 film apparently with dead batteries :(. I'm trying to create photograms with those, taking one sheet of film out in my darkroom, placing objects on it best I can in total darkness, exposing it, then in more darkness, breaking the chemical pack and trying to smooth the developing chemicals out as evenly as possible. It's been difficult. Ive only tried one so far but it ended up looking like an abstract forest of pine trees (pretty cool to say the least, lots of potential for "painting".) Has anyone tried anything like this? If so, any advice?


Click for bigger:

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